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10 Tips to Secure Your WiFi Router from Hackers

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hello, here is the simple 10 tips to secure your wifi network or router from external hackers. wifi hacking is the trending topic now a days which included in top list. most of the online portals giving tips to hack wifi network. but securing wifi is more easy than hacking the network.

Follow These Tips to Secure Your Wifi From Hackers


Implement Strong Password policy

strong password

Select the password that is easy to understand but difficult to guess and it should be long as more than 20 character must have Uppercase and Lowercase letters, Symbols and numbers.

Integrating Strong Encryption Algorithm


Implement the WPA2 with AES / CCMP encryption is the best in class strong encryption module and stronger data protection that is very hard to crack.

Change the Passwords at Regular Interval

regular interval

The passwords must be changed with the regular interval like every week with random passwords.

Integrate NAP and NAC policy


Integrate the Network access Protection (NAP) and Network access control (NAC) policy solutions to WiFi Routers.

Keep OFF WiFi router when it is not required

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Keep the WiFi router in the OFF state and Keep ON only when it require to be needed while turn ON during usages period only.

Don’t turn on WPS when it is not required


Most of the attacks came from the WPS pin attack disabling leads to secure the WiFi Router at some extends.

Upgrade the WiFi Router Firmware and Drivers to latest version

firmware update

Patch your WiFi router with the latest versions of WiFi Router Firmware and Drivers.

Change the Default Name of access point SSID and Passwords of WiFi router


You should change the Default Name of access point SSID and Passwords of WiFi router.

Enable Firewall Protection between WiFi routers and Internet connection


You must enable the Wireless Firewall Protection between the WiFi routers and Internet connections.

Enable MAC address filtering


Integrate the MAC address filtering to your wireless access point.

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