How to Delete Undeletable Files and Folders of Windows?


Some of the Files and Folders are not used by the system, but it cannot be able to delete. for example- Mecafee Antivirus, After uninstalling the software it’s service is running in the background we cannot able to delete the folder or stop the service. but by using Linux we can delete those folders and files.

Those Files are not usable by the system and it affects for storage. if storage becomes full then system working slowly. currently, we follow some tips to delete unnecessary files they are clearing temp folder and all. but some of the files in temp also not able to delete. the major problem you faced at if you are used mecafee antivirus, after uninstalling your antivirus software from control panel. some files are still in your system that related to that software. also some of the features of that antivirus are still running in background, that you can observe in services.

You can remove completely that from your personal computer by using third-party software, but not in the case of mecafee. here is the simple trick to delete those kind folders and files esily, Follow us

How to Delete Undeletable files from your pc?


  1. Ubuntu/Linux
  2. Little Knowledge about Linux
  3. Undeletable Files[in Windows]

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This Method is by using Linux/Ubuntu operating system. a major part of this trick is deleting files of undeletable files in windows using Linux.

  1. Know the correct path to folder or file which you want to delete.
  2. Now Boot Linux operating system[You need Dual Boot in your PC] or Try Ubuntu by inserting USB flash drive.
  3. Mount the drive[in windows its Local Disk] which have windows files
  4. Find the file or folder which you have to delete
  5. Right-click and select Move to Trash.
  6. Done. Now Empty the Trash.

in this method, you can delete any files of windows. because Linux doesn’t know it’s system files. for Linux it’s Just a files. So Don’t Delete any high priority files, that may affect your windows. so be careful.

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Follow this video tutorial to understand. or comment below if you have any questions regarding on this