Facebook User and Groups are In Danger … Must Watch If You Have FB Account


All we use facebook account and share the all information about self, family and friend. That time we not think about privacy protection and after some time we got mail or we got porn pic on our time line and then we think how to solve this.

If you have facebook group then you need to increase the protection of that group, page and also your profile because some Indian hackers to try hack your facebook group and post porn pic and that type material.

We recently heard about the Anonymous taking down 20 percent of the Dark Web for posting child pornography on those websites and now a very similar operation was launched against groups/pages on Facebook for uploading pornographic content. But, this time, the attack are started by a group from Kerala, India, hacker group who call themselves Kerala Cyber Warriors (KCW) and claim to be an ethical hacking collective.

According to Deccan Chronicle, an Indian newspaper, KCW hacked into 59 Facebook profile pages and groups that are believed to be involved in sharing explicit content which includes child porn images.  ‘Deepa and Sneha Fans’, ‘Love Life Girls Love Sex’ and ‘I love Ansiba’ are some of these hacked groups. KCW somehow managed to locate and took down 25 groups and 34 pages on Facebook for illegally sharing the pornographic content that involves minors and women.

Some of these hacked groups or pages displayed private/intimate images of females of all ages while some of these were marketed as revenge porn sites on which users can upload pictures of their previous partners. Some groups/pages offered sexting service and also allowed posting of illegal content even from random people. Some of these pages are dedicated to running online prostitution rings too.

If you want to increase the protection Layer of your Facebook account then must watch this video in Hindi.


Although the Kerala police have been trying to hunt down these groups with their recently launched Operation “Big Daddy” but look like their efforts are not enough or effective while KCW was a lot more efficient in this case. This hack attack from KCW echoed the tactics and strategies of Anonymous as well. The hacker group uploaded a warning message in the cover picture section of their hacked pages claiming that they will expose the perpetrators of the crime and operators of the pages if they don’t stop these malicious activities immediately. The warning message contained the famous quotation from Anonymous, which reads:

“We are Legion; We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us.”


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