How to create PHP Web Server on your android mobile?


Hello Guys, am back with one simple tutorial for this week, that;s how can you create a PHP server on your android mobile? that is similar to the local server on computer which you create using xampp software. PHP is the server side scripting language, so to execute PHP program PHP server is must. when you going live you will get server from your hosting server. so for any development purpose or testing purpose you can create a server in your computer.  by using this method you can create a same server in mobile. mobile is a mini computer so every work can be make through mobile.

Let Us check how to do a server in android mobile.


Follow These Steps:

  1. Download and install KickWeb Server and Droid Editor also Chrome Browser
  2. Open KickWeb Server App and agree with all T&C. Then Asks Storage Permission, enable It
  3. Come back to KickWeb Server App and Toggle a switch to start a server, and Confirm that server is live or not.
  4. Now open Droid editor app and create a program in PHP, or any language and click save.
  5. Now it asks path to save.
  6. Select htdocs folder, which is in phone storage usually, and it already created automatically when you enable storage permission
  7. Save the program with proper extension in the folder htdocs
  8. Now open Chrome browser and type localhost:8080/filename_you_saved.extension
    for example http://localhost:8080/prog.php
    here localhost is domain to access htdocs folder and 8080 is port
  9. Done.
    You can’t access files from other folders.

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KickWeb Server:

  • No root required
  • Supports almost every Android operating system version ( Ginger Bread to Nougat )
  • Absolutely Free to download the android web server
  • No advertisement

Features :

  • Built-in PHPMyAdmin ( phpMyAdmin 4.1.10)
  • PHP 5.5.9
  • MySQL 5.1.62
  • Lighttpd 1.4.34
  • MSMTP 1.4.31
  • Nginx 1.5.1

More features :

  • Easy and automatic installation.
  • Everything is preconfigured .
  • Very low memory consumption which is suitable for low end android devices too.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Capability to make serving request simultaneously.

You can follow our video tutorial if you can’t understand the procedure

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