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How to install or enable FILE INFO extension in php?

How to install FILE INFO extension in php and solve php fileinfo extenion required error in flaurm disuss software.


PHP is a server side scripting language and one of the best scripting language. PHP have many versions and presently php7.0 is released. after upgrading php 7.0 some may get errors/ some may get error while installing softwares like Flaurm and all(Flaurm is a open source discuss software). We get the error of missing file info extension in php. this article tells you how to install orenable php file info extension in your cpanel. sometimes you  may get this problem in local server also for local server this method not applies.

Let us see how to enable php file info extension?

  • Check What is Error Exactly If it is the PHP extension ‘fileinfo‘ requred then follow thisFlaurm Error
  • Login to Cpanel
  • Click on Select PHP VersionSelect PHP Version
  • Select Latest Php Version
  • Check FILE INFO Extension is Checked or Not. if it is unchecked the check itFile Info
  • Save it
  • Done

If you still  not understood how to do this follow this video tutorial

After doing these fileinfo extension will enable in your Cpanel. then install flaurm Software without any problem. if you have any problem please comment below or use live chat to contact us. Share this article to your friends.



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