If Your Best Friend is Girl Then You Have These Advantages

Boy and Girl firend

Hello Friends, Most of the guys have friends they also guys. understanding the girl is a little tough. But having the best girl friend(not girlfriend ) have so many advantages. Read This post completely to know much about your friend.

    1. She Gives You Best Advice. No boys can give advice like her.
    2. She Knows you better than your girlfriend.
    3. She is always ready to go shopping with you. And she knows which dress suits you.Shopping boy and girl 
    4. Nobody knows which dress suits you for Marriage, party, Interview. But she will give you the best advice/choice
    5. She knows all your crushes…!!
    6. She is Always ready to introduce pretty girls to you.
    7. She is always crazy with you.
    8. Night clubs, new year party entry only if you are with a girl. that time she will come, so you have no problem.
    9. She will suggest your best ideas about Gift.
    10. You can go to a movie with her when you feel bad.
    11. You are the best company to go to movies and entertainment places.Outside boy girl
    12. You can learn many things if you have a girl friend. (Not Girlfriend)
    13. If you are bored with lectures you can draw silly things in her book.
    14. She will help you to copy in exams.Copying
    15. She will always tag you in Facebook for silly posts.you’ll get free entertainment.
    16. Your parents also trust her more than other friends.
    17. You haven’t any reason to tell lie with her she knows the reason.
    18. You can talk to her about, be it be serious or joke.call
    19. She picks your call at any time.
    20. She never feels bad if you insult her for a joke.
    21. You need not give much respect her as she knows you care about he
    22. You can argue or fight with her however you likeFighting
    23. If you cry she will ease.
    24. You can tell your feelings with her. Sometimes guys may play with your that feeling but She never will
    25. If anyone speaks ago about you she will argue with her. Because she knows you.

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