The major problem with the android device is heating. but by doing some simple tricks we can solve this problem. here is some key tips follow these

Don’t use cases for the devices

heavy phone cases

As we all use different types of cases to protect our phones. But they are causing the problem to our devices. So try to use the phone without cases, also if u need a cover just use simple covers don’t use heavy covers.

Scan for Android viruses it means how safe your apps

android malware

The issue of Overheating can be solved by scanning the viruses of Android. some of the third party apps always run in the background and drain the battery fast as well as it gives an unnecessary process for your mobile processor. Remove those kind apps from your phone. And always download apps from PlayStore Only. Don’t use patch and cracked apps

Properly charge your device


We should neither overcharge our device nor use it in a low battery as this can overheat our device and stops functioning. We have to charge up to 80% during daytime and fully charged during a night. It reduces many problems that we face in our devices. We have to use Original chargers for our devices. Don’t use your phone while charging. and better way is switch off your phone and then charge it helps to keep the device cool while charging

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Updating the latest versions of software

software update android

The outdated version of software somehow affects our devices performance.  The updated versions help our device to work faster and smoother which can control the temperature of our device. Every update comes with some latest features and most of the reported problems are fixed. so updating new versions is the must.

Cleanup of junk files

junk files

We have to keep on cleaning the Junk Files, Caches etc. It will reduce the issue of overheating as it may cause problems with your device CPU and RAM. Regularly removing junk from your system makes it work much faster and efficient. Also, you can get free space. most of the time gallery thumbnails are created in phone storage and it takes memory space.

Stop the unnecessary running apps in Background

background running app

In our Android Devices, some of the apps are running in the background and we don’t even know. The apps running in the background are heating up our device and using its battery also. We have to keep checking the Active applications option on our devices to stop unnecessary apps. also don’t use more then 3-4 apps simultaneously on your mobile, that means use multi-task in limited time.

Set Adaptive Brightness ON in your Brightness Settings

adaptive brightness mobile

Smartphones, generally, have a light sensor located in the bezel right next to the screen that measures the ambient light together with control software that appropriately raises or lowers the screen brightness based on the measured light level. in sunlight, you need maximum display brightness that time mobile’s temperature also increases.  so you can save battery as well as eye strain. and it helps very much to fix the overheating issue on android device.

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