The green route trek mesmerizing trail in Western Ghats


Yedakumeri trek or Green route trek is a mesmerizing trail in the midst of the western ghats or Sahyadri. The nature walk along with the ghats is an experience to remember. Although we can see these views of western ghats while traveling in a train but only the Trekkie knows how it differs and real it is to trek in nature’s lap.

 The green route

Railway segment from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subramanya road Junction is popularly known as Green root. The length of this section is around 52 kilometers containing a total of 57 tunnels which range from 85m – 750m, around 25 small waterfalls, and 109 bridges. Yedakumeri is a beautiful place in the middle of western ghats and its a wonderful trekking destination. Yedakumeri is situated about 100km away from Mangalore, 30km from Subramanya, 65km from Hassan and 80km from Chikmagalur.

This is the trekking along the railway lines between Donegal and Yedakumeri. Popularly this trek is known as Green route trek. The green route trek starts from a small village situated near sakaleshpur called Donigal and usually end up with Yedakumeri station. The total distance of this trek is 22km which is around 8 hrs journey. This trek can be extended to kukke subrahmanya station too i.e. plus more 21km. Camping can be done at Donigal and Yedakumeri stations. Donigal is the place where the trekkers start their real trekking; and they have to cross a paddy field to get the railway tracks. Donigal is  9 km away from the sakleshpur station. The trek route has Waterfalls, rivers, mountains, valleys, tunnels, bridges and abundant flora and fauna of western ghats. Along the way, the trail takes you through interesting caves, forest, caves with bats, tunnels, slippery routes etc. The every tunnel we come across are numbered and the length of the tunnel is also mentioned on the board of tunnel.Nature walk in between fabulous waterfalls and explore plenty of bridges which Run along the railway lines.The trekkers should carry the basic needs such as water, food, first aid, torches,etc. During this trek, the trekkers may encounter with elephants, leeches, insects, various birds, etc. During the trek, many small waterfalls are appeared falls over the railway tracks, tunnels. Trekkers may complete their trek by halting at reserve forest i.e. Bisile Reserve Forest. It would be a better completion of green route track .This trek is the paradise for photographers and trekking geeks.


Avoid the trekking during the monsoons because the trails can get really slippery, waterlogged and difficult to travel; moreover the trekkers may encounter with leeches and poisonous snakes in wet season.Trek during winter or soon after monsoon it would be a beautiful and and and unforgettable memory and safe too.Encounter to elephant, leeches, snakes, insects and birds are quite common in this trek. Avoid wearing bright colours because elephants don’t like bright colours .People should be extra cautious regarding the train that communicates over the track and its functional.Though the siren of the train is audible but some small trolleys which can be very dangerous. Railway track was closed in 1996 for converting it to broad gauge from metre gauge. Functioning of goods trains were started since 2005 and passenger trains  in 2008 .Goods trains are more common than the passenger trains.So it’s better to get proper information about railway timings and plan the trek according to that.It is better to trek in the absence of trains;otherwise it may become risky to the life of trekkers,because when the trains come through the tunnels or curves there is no/less place to stand away from the track. There is only the limited place to stand away from the may risky to the trekkers is best that if trekkers know about the railway timings and it is safe too. it’s also good for alertness if trekker knows the train traffic period.

                    The Old Railway Bridge









The tunnels are unexplored to light, poisonous snakes insects are may encounter the trekkers. Bridges are a challenge to those who suffer from acrophobia and channels are to people suffer from Nyctophobia. Entering tunnels or crossing the railway lines in some places are banned; especially in Siribagilu. This trek is illegal if caught imprisonment of 2-3 days would be the punishment. Railway police have gone strict against trekking in this area. Squads are stationed at Yedakumeri during weekends and holidays.