WhatsApp Rolled Out Its Latest Version Interesting Features Found

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Worlds Top Social Network WhatsApp is RolledOut New Update for Android Users and IOS users. New Feature Could Turn Whatsapp from a functional messaging tool to platform for entertainment tool. Yes it launched new feature called status. Launched on february 20. Which will allow users to update status with image, video and gif. also added new chat button at the bottom of the whatsapp. Now whatsapp is like snapchat and instagram. but instagram and snapchats are started this story mode update long back. let us see what are more in this update?

What is Status(included in latest version?)

Status allows WhatsApp users to share photos, videos, emojis, sketches and even GIFs as status updates. These updates will disappear after 24 hours. You can schedule multiple updates, which would run like a reel and give your friends a glimpse of your entire day. Its content duration can be up to 45 seconds, and they cannot be saved on your device.

It will be available to all users, iOS and Android.

Where is it located?(How to get)

Once the feature becomes available, it will automatically show up on your WhatsApp app. You will see an icon between ‘Calls’ and ‘Chats’ on the navigation bar of your WhatsApp home-screen. The traditional text status update function will remain separate.

Status Option in whatsapp

How Status will Work?

  • Once you have captured a photo or video you wish to share, you are taken to an interface that is a photo editor. Here, you can do- Scribble on the captured file

    – Superimpose and position emojis on the file

    – Add a caption below explaining the content

  • Once your Status is created, you can control who sees it by specifying so in your Privacy Settings. On iOS, tap the icon ‘Privacy’. On Android, look for ‘Status Privacy’. You can make your Statuses a universal delight, or select individual friends who will get to view your Status updates, or exclude specific contacts. If you want to send the content to a specific friend, you send them a private chat message as usual. but this status will not visible for group members or who you didnt saved the numbers.
  • You can discover which of your contacts has viewed your Status.

How to See Your Friends Status?

You can see your friends status also with same way how you publihed yours. just to go status tab. there will be a list of names who updated their status. click that name you can see yours friends status. But all status are erased after 24 hours of upload. and you cant save the images from your friends update.

By updating this whatsapp you cant able to update status like your old whatspp. most of the people need old type status update(according to me old type is nice). even in like new type of status is nice but we feel new whatsapp status option and instagram story are very similar.. there is no difference between these options.

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