WhatsApp’s New Update Released | Most Waiting Features are Out


Hello, WhatsApp released the latest update today silently, and it is with lots of new features. One of the most used social network present days and it achieved its place rapidly in the social network list. many of the persons are having doubt in this post that update is for normal WhatsApp or business WhatsApp. this major update is definitely for normal WhatsApp. recently some of the media said about WhatsApp’s payment gateway using UPI will introduce and all, still, that’s not available in this update. come let us check what are inside this update in details.

What Are New Features in Latest WhatsApp Version 2.18.152 Update?

  1. Group Admin can remove another person’s admin role
  2. Group Admin can restrict altering the group name and icon from another person
  3. A user can download his account info

Group Admin can remove the admin role of another person

Usually, in old WhatsApp, there is no option to remove admin role from the group, so if we remove his/her admin role from group usually we remove that person from the group and then re-add to the group. but that person can able to see everything that you made, even in the group, it creates the message Someone Removed someone….etc so every group member can understand Super admin removed some person from admin role.

In New WhatsApp Update one admin can remove the admin role of another person without knowing any other members of that group, no need to remove that person from the group and re-add to the group, just removing the admin role is possible. here are the steps how you can do that

Method 1

  1. Enter into the Group and Press 3 Dots at Right Sidepress 3 dots
  2. Select Group Info [First Option]group info
  3. In group info, you can see a list of group members and other stuff, there you select group settingsgroup settings
  4. in group settings, you get 2 options and there select edit group admins option
  5. you can see all group members list and admins at top side horizontal list. you can add new admins by selecting members name/number by the list also you can remove existing admins by pressing x mark on the names/numbers in the top horizontal list. and press done button at the bottom rightadmin list
  6. You are Done

Method 2

  1. You can remove/ add admin in another way just follow till step 3 from method 1
  2. just press on name/number which you want to remove from the admin role
  3. list of options will open, select dismiss as admindismiss as admin
  4. Done

Group Admin can restrict by altering the group name and icon from another group member

this is the major problem, currently, WhatsApp group’s name and icon can be able to change by any members of that group. this was one of the major drawbacks of WhatsApp group chat. this creates big problems in some situations too. most of the time we get confused which group we need to use? where we exactly share information etc etc etc

the solution is added in this new WhatsApp update, yes group admin can restrict these things, group admin decides who can be change group info, there are two options only admins can change group info or members of that group. only admins can change group info is the secured option according to us. here are the steps to restrict access to group info

  1. Follow till step 4 of first section’s method
  2. in group settings you get 2 options, select Edit Group Info option
  3. again you get 2 options that to decide who can be able to change the group info’sGROUP INFO CHANGE
  4. Select only admins can be able to change group info’s, that is safe and better option

A user can download his account info

there is a new feature rolled out in this version WhatsApp that’s included in your account settings, you can download your WhatsApp information and settings, then you can extract it in your computer and open it on browsers, the file is in HTML format. Your messages are not included in it.

You can able to request your account info in settings

account info

this is explained in detail in WhatsApp faq section like this

Requesting your account information

Note: In the coming weeks, you will be able to see and download your WhatsApp account 
information and settings. This feature, Request Account Info, will be rolling out to all
users around the world on the newest version of the app.

The Request Account Info feature allows you to request and export a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings. Examples of this information include your profile photo and group names.

Requesting a report

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Request account info.
  2. Tap Request report.
  3. The screen will update to Request sent.

Your report will be available approximately 3 days after the date requested. You can refer to the Ready by date when waiting for your report.

Note: While your report request is pending, certain account actions, including deleting your account, changing your number or device or re-registering your account, will cancel your request. If your request is canceled, you can request another report.

Downloading and exporting a report

When the report is available, you’ll receive a WhatsApp notification on your phone stating: Your account info report is ready to download.

The Request account info screen in the app will tell you how much time you have to download the report (approximately a few weeks) before it’s deleted from our servers.

To download your report:

  1. Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Request account info > Download report.
  2. A ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone. The ZIP file includes an HTML file that is easy to view, and a JSON file that could be ported to another app.
  3. Once the file is downloaded to your phone, select Export report.

You’ll be unable to view the downloaded report within WhatsApp. Select any of the external applications that appear in your share tray to export the report. For example, you can email a copy of the report to yourself. Because the report has your personal information, you should be careful when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

Canceling a pending report request

Once requested, you can’t undo or cancel your pending report request.

Deleting a report

After you download your report to your phone, you’ll have the option to permanently delete the downloaded copy from your phone. Deleting the report will not delete any of your account’s data.

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